My Trunk Smells Horrible

This morning while I was leaving home to go to work, opened my car door and blown away with a horrible smell like rotten meat.

Story began when I decided to do my weekly shopping with several unnecessary items in the shopping cart. Once I load bags of bags groceries into my trunk, already start thinking how to unload them. Among many bags, I lost the count of my total purchase perhaps.

The next day, still weekend, I cleaned my garage and throw some of the items into my trunk for donation or give away. Did not detect any weird smell or noticed if there was an extra grocery bag in the trunk, right in front of my eyes. I think it meant to be.

Monday morning, with a full feeling of a Monday syndrome, got into my garage and immediately start smelling rotten meat. Once I opened my car door, concentrated rottenness immediately smacked me on the face and I decided to find the dead rat.

Looked everywhere in the car, not the trunk of course; There is nothing there, I am that sure. Drove to work thinking maybe smell will fade away. Did not.

When I arrive to work, decided to check the trunk and once I opened the trunk lid, here it is; shining grocery bag, and rotten, two packs of, supposed to be, frozen, shrimp in it. Leaked into the grocery bag but luckily not into the car.

Once I removed the rotten shrimps and aired the car all day and night long, smell went away.

Now my work smells horrible. 🙂



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