Russian Salad


Difficulty – Level 1

Very easy to do. Even you did not cook before. Served cold.


3 large potatoes or microwaveable ready mashed potatoes

Small can carrots

Small can Corn

Small can green peas

6-7 Baby Dill pickles

¼ Lemon

2 cups mayonnaise (# vegan mayonnaise for vegans)

Black pepper


Red pepper flakes



Potato masher:

Ready mash potatoes:

Any brand is fine.


Poke holes into potatoes with a knife or with a sharp object so to prevent potatoes from exploding in the microwave.

Cook 5 minutes each side until potatoes get very soft but not overcooked.

When potatoes are ready, take them out carefully with an oven mitt; watch out the steam when you are unwrapping. Peel off. Little here and there, if you miss some skin is okay. Mash them with a help of a fork or potato masher.

Use a medium-size mixing bowl. It could be glass or plastic, anything large enough that you can mix everything easily without making a mess. Gently mix carrots, corn, small sliced dill pickles, mayonnaise and lemon. Add salt, black pepper as desired.



And the result;


rus salatasi

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