Potato Salad

Difficulty – Level 1

Very easy to do. Even you did not cook before. Served cold.


3 large potatoes

4 eggs

1 tbsp. apple cider Vinegar

And or ¼ lemon



Black pepper


Red pepper flakes



I am using egg cooker for eggs, if you like eggs you might want to get one. I have here very affordable version also cuisine art has little bit pricy version. Totally up to you.

Target $14


Amazon (Cuisine Art) $40




Poke holes into potatoes with a knife or with a sharp object to prevent the potatoes to explode in the microwave. During the cooking, these holes will allow the steam release from the potatoes.

Than wrap potatoes individually into microwave safe clear stretch film to keep steam in when cooking. Not mandatory but I found it better solution that putting potatoes directly. Sometimes they get dry too quick without clear stretch film.

If you do not want to use microwave you can boil the potatoes, do not have to puncture. It is only to release steam when it is microwave cooked.

I do 4 minutes for 2-3 potatoes. This will be for one side. When 4 minutes over we need to turn the potatoes. Use Owen glove, these can be very hot.

When I am turning, I am checking how soft they are. If they are not soft, I can put couple more minutes the other side too. If I can feel little bit softness to it, 3 minutes will be enough.

While potatoes are cooking, hard-boil four eggs. Depends how much you love eggs either do not put any or put as much as you want. I usually put four eggs, which is enough amount that does not over power the potatoes.

I use egg cooker, which I put link down below in advice section. If you do not have egg cooker you need to boil eggs in a pan cover them with cold water by one inch, bring to a boil over medium-high heat, then cover, remove from the heat and set a site approximately 10 minutes.

When potatoes are ready, take them out carefully with an oven mitt; watch out the steam when you are unwrapping. Peel off. Little here and there, skin is ok, some people likes potato skin, and it is perfectly fine if you leave large amount skin on it.

Chop the potatoes medium size. Again, as you desire you can chop smaller or larger.

I like to use olive oil with my cooking it is very healthy but also it is heavier than vegetable oil or canola oil. Add 1 tbsp. oil you desire.

Chop the eggs smaller pieces, again as you desire. I like small pieces because it is falling apart anyway.

Add salt, black pepper, red pepper, mustard, mayonnaise and pickles.

Use a large size-mixing bowl. It could be glass or plastic, anything large that you can mix everything easily without making a mess. Be gentle; do not smash the eggs and potatoes.

For mixing, you can use regular spoon, large wooden spoon or spatula. I use spatula it mixes easily also when I transfer it to the nice presentable plate, I can scrape all the food from the large mixing bowl.



Anything! You can eat this salad by itself or with anything, you like.

And the result;


potatoesalad in plate


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