Valentine’s Day Gift For Him

Valentine’s Day is coming. I already start seeing red hearts everywhere.

Decided to do some little research and found several gift ideas for women who already bought wallet, belt, socks, and underwear to their valentine.

I hope I can make your life easier. Please share with me your ideas too.

Zippo hand warmer

If he is outdoorsy, even it is cold. Price is great and I love its sleek design. In addition, it is Zippo. All times classic and famous brand.


Campfire Cologne

Nice desk item he can enjoy. Most of the men love camping and this will remind them good old days or help them plan another camping trip.


Pizza scent candle

Men and pizza, perfect match.

If you go with candles here another link to the different flavored candles. They have manly man package:


For the smaller, cheaper version here is one in Amazon:

Underwear Subscription

I know I kind an implied buying underwear is out of fashion but subscribing is not! You cannot deal with holly underwear by buying one by one.

Holly underwear battle is one of the most common issues in relationships 🙂 Here is an argument:

Girl: “Honey this underwear has a hole, I am throwing it away”

Guy: “Because of one little tiny hole?”

Girl: “It is size of a quarter!”

Guy: “Yeah, now it is a holy underwear, I cannot throw it away. I can wear that at least 10 times more”

Girl: “Fine! I hope bugs bite you from the opening”

Here is the link to the solution:


Birch box membership

If he is a metro sexual man, I think he would love such a membership. They offer 3 months membership that you can gift it and see if he likes it or not.{campaign}&utm_kw=%2Bmen%20%2Bsubscriptions&utm_match=b&gclid=CjwKCAiAksvTBRBFEiwADSBZfGzH47bqb-IcaClgIEuTo64PIWotj6uf_3yiZD06z-u1Jl3utxtxuRoCgZMQAvD_BwE



I am marking this recommendation as satisfaction guarantee. I got strong feedback on this. Good thing about drones you can find in any price point. I will include the link for the most famous one, you can go from there to find cheaper or more pricy versions based on your budget.


Clear Speakers

Looks very cool and functional.


Instant Smart Light Switch

Oh, he will love this!  Appreciation Guaranteed! Perfect show off piece.


This nice looking device magnetically snaps to the electric switch. With a phone or tablet app, you can control the light switch. Instantly.

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Well, not sure he will appreciate but a definitely cool idea; Jack Daniels soap dispenser. Some might say I can make it from the empty bottle. Maybe a kit to make soap dispenser and a bottle of Jack Daniels, now that is appreciation guarantee!

Tablet Floor Stand with Wheels

You will see this finding its way to the bathroom everyday with the new owner.

Amazon :

Sharper Image:


Well, this is all so far. Let me know what do you think. Is it a useful list? What did you get interesting as a gift? Please share with me.

Happy Valentines to all !!!!

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