Ombre Hair at Home

I am not a professional hairdresser and sharing my personal experience and formulas, not everyone can have the same results.

I found the foto of the hair that I want, and take it with me to show to hair dressers what exactly I want; dark roots lightens to the platinum blonde towards the end. After failed multiple hair salon visits and hearing all these:

Your hair is damaged, we cannot go that light

Your hair is too dry, we need to treat, do not apply any chemicals”

Yes, we can do but cannot guarantee platinum, there will be copper parts. Cost is over $300” “Yes we can do it in 4 hours and it will cost you almost $400, tip included

I don’t touch this hair, I am sorry!”

Decided to do it myself.

My sister and I wached some Youtube videos. At the end we got an idea how to do it.

Instead of $400 we realized it can cost less than $50.

What do you need?

A sister and a curly, uncontrollable hair 🙂

onceki hali

Here is the list of items I purchased from Sally beauty. I did research before I buy products so brand matters.

Ombre Hair Products

Color Charm Lightest Ash Blonde Toner

SBS-800275 | Size: 1.42 oz.

Quantity: One

Color: T18 Lightest Ash Blonde

To Buy

Color Charm Powder Lightener Tub

SBS-800425 | Size: 1 lb.

Quantity: One

To Buy

Sensitive Scalp 20 Volume Crème Developer

SBS-305015 | Size: 32 oz.

Quantity: One

To Buy

Wella Light Ash Brown Color Charm Gel Permanent Liquid Hair Color (5A/246)

SBS-800450 | Size: 2 oz.

Quantity: One

To Buy

All the products cost me little over $30. Still have developer and lightener for the second round.


Do not bleach recently washed, clean hair. Before this process do not wash your hair, at least 2 days so your scalp will not be burning too much.

Read all the warnings at the labels, and follow them please. Make sure you do not have allergies and following the usage recommendations.

How to:

Mix 1:1 Powder lightener with 20-volume developer. The more mixture is the better. I like to be generous when I cover my hair with the bleach.

Make sure it shout not touch your scalp. Leave a distance to your scalp when you apply the product.


Set timer to 40 minutes and check afterwards. You can keep little bit more but that is it. To be on the safe side, constantly check how the lightener works on your hair.

Mine took 45-50 minutes to get where I wanted then I washed it immediately.

After washing, my hair looked very bright orange color.

After bleach beforet18

I used Wella T-18 to get rid of that orange color, and tone down the hair. Again, I used it generously. If you have long hair, make sure you have enough product to cover the hair thoroughly.

Mix 1:2 which means; 1 part T-18 and 2 parts of 20-volume developer.

Wait 30 minutes.

Here is my hair little after applying T-18. You can see clear solution turning to purple color as you wait.

t18 applied

Again, I would recommend checking it constantly. I heard sometimes hair turns to purple tone more than a silver. Wash it when you reach your desired tone down color.

Here are the final result fotos. From light it looks little green but it wasn’t.

By personal choice, I did not use root color Wella “Light ash blonde” that same day. So many times showering in one day. In addition, I wanted to use one color for a while.

T-18 washes off after several showers. I decided to color my roots when I apply T-18 for the next time to maintain the hair tone.

Now, as a routine, I am coloring my roots with one tube Wella Color charm light ash brown to cover my grays and applying a box of T-18 to maintain my hair tone afterwards.

Once your dark roots grow, you can do another full session of lightening the hair. However, be very careful. I did not do yet; do not know how it will damage the hair for the second time. When I do it again, I will share the experience with you. If you follow my blog, you will get an email when I publish the update.

Here is the photo when T-18 wears off. I think still looks nice.

ombre hair


What do you think? Is there better products or a technique?

Please let me know about your personal experiences with ombre hair.

Happy ombre day!




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