Orlando Theme Park Visit

One day, without any further notice, my sister asked me and I said yes to travel. Purchased my airline ticket to Orlando and went to TJ Maxx, bought a backpack.

I have never imagined that I would travel with just a medium size backpack. I want my stuff with me; also, I would buy tons of things from the places that I traveled so I need bags to carry them around.

I am one of the girls, that travels with almost everything, I mean everything. Hair products, creams, high heels, boots, athletic shoes and slippers, jackets, jeans, skirts, medicine and here and there I might use this stuff.


This time I got my computer, chargers, one pair of shorts, one shirt and couple undies.

Of course, I am not telling the whole story. My sister was waiting for me with all the toiletries and clothes in Orlando. Let us count this as a half attempt to minimalist life.

I must say how nice and easy to travel with less stuff.

As first time Orlando Theme park visitor, I was confused and did not get clear picture until I visit.

First, I decided to visit the park. I did research online, asked my friends who have been there before. I decided to see both Harry Potter towns.

I purchased online 2 park to park, 1 day pass to be able to get in from Universal Studios and travel to Island of Adventure with a train. There is 10% difference between gates and online. I wanted to skip the ticket lines by ordering online.

First, you are going main bus, pick up /drop off area. Than you are taking elevator to be able to see different theme park entrances. I walk towards the Universal Studios.


With a definitely confusing name, “Will Call Kiosks” were located on the right side of the gates. It confused me because I thought, “Who will call?” When we are dealing with Tourists, I do believe they should use simple and clear words. “Ticket Printing Kiosk” or “Ticket Kiosk” would be better name to it.

My online ticket purchase got affective in 10 minutes so I was able to insert my credit card, type my endless digit confirmation code to not very sensitive touch screen multiple times and was able to get my ticket. It was a credit card size little ticket. Moved to the gates and for a second I thought I am in immigration interview. Fingerprints taken. They are pairing your ticket with your fingerprint.

Once you step in, colorful stores and decorations takes your attention. I had to skip because based on the recommendations I needed to go directly to Harry potter Forbidden Journey ride. Park gets busy towards noon. It was not too crowded but I can see the potential. Around 2 pm., Minions ride had a long line in front of it with a waiting time of 75 minutes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Personally, I did not see express lane difference with mid-size crowd. Poseidon’s performance, we all wait to get into same area. I have no idea if it really works when it is crowded. Must be.


I have had a strong breakfast in the morning. It was a good fit for my Ketogenic diet. You can find chicken salad in park for the diet. There were also burgers, pizza and fried food is available on every corner. I will not mention food prices as we all know there is a “you have no other choice” pricing policy.

Being like a kid, and running around from one store to other, i brought Dobbie home with me.


Did not miss the Hello Kitty store either.

hello kitty

Next trip would be the Epcot. This trip I was in between two theme parks and Harry Potter love had won.


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