Beginner to the Beginner’s Mind

We want everything and we want it now! It hasn’t changed since we were five years old. I think one of the descriptions of happiness is to get what you want at the time you want it. Not before, not after.

Sometimes we make tons of plans for our future without asking what was our plan for today, that we planned in the past for the future. I don’t think it was “a plan for future in the future”.

If we all agree, then we need to remember what we planned. We need to act on it.

Life goes fast and too short to waste time by planning. It doesn’t mean don’t plan, just don’t always plan; live a little spontaneous too. Recently I heard from a movie, saying” Life is, the things that unexpectedly happen to you when you try to live according to your plans”

I think making plans are easy but we sometimes get stuck at the beginning point because we cannot move further. The reason for that, I think, we don’t know what to do for a start or we don’t want to start small. We cannot jump further ahead, so we are just standing there, at the beginning point, with all the frustration and future plans that need to happen now.

My friend, also a life coach, Aylin Cakmur mentioned “ Beginner’s mind”. When she mentioned this, my reaction was “ Do we even understand when we were beginners?!! We mind everything and panic because we don’t know everything. It was much better when we were dreaming about it.”

With a brief exposure to the beginner’s mind concept, I learned we need to start somewhere. We need to accept that we cannot succeed yet. It will take some time and one might feel like an idiot sometimes. At the end one will reach happiness; you will think that you are getting what you want when you wanted.

I will share her 5 days Beginner’s mind challenge link for those who interested. Let’s see where it will take us.

beginners mind

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