Please Support Online Efforts

I would like to point out the importance of following someone who makes an effort to be active in social media. It could be a business, it could be personal development, or a blog like I have here.

When you come across a video or a blog writing, there is a family member or friend that wants to get one step ahead in social media. It is very important to respond too if you really like it or want to support that person.

A friend who wants to touch your fears and help you, guide you towards your journey. Another friend advertises her hair salon and her successful business. I want to put myself out there with many different aspects. Trying to share and have fun at the same time.  

When you click the like in Facebook do you know you can be bigger part of this? Don’t think “I am just one person. If i don’t take time and follow this person, nothing will change”. Wrong!

I celebrated my fiftieth LIKE a couple of days ago. When one friend clicked the “Like” button, It made me feel more confident. Many thanks to the first 49 likes to make this fiftieth click an important milestone.

Sometimes this process is little bit complex than clicking a FOLLOW button.  I will explain here and encourage my friends to send specific instructions to their site so I can add to this article.

Here is how you can follow my blog:

If you see my post in Facebook, please click the link below of the sample writing.

Screenshot_how to follow1

That will take you to my blog and you will be able to read the whole article.

Also when you reach to the end of the page you will see the FOLLOW link on the right column.

Screenshot_how to follow flowing new 4

You can also click the follow link flowing on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Screenshot_how to follow flowing 3

Process will require you to enter your email address, where you will be the first to know when I add new content to my blog. There is one more step, just for the first time, you will need to go to your email and confirm that is the email you are using.

Once you are a follower you can confirm by looking again the middle of the right column of the article.

Screenshot_how to follow2

This follow is free. And for your personal information concerns I only can see your email in my followers list, that’s all.

Good news for non-English speakers. Chrome browser provides instant translation option by detecting their language of country origin. There will be some flaws with the translation but with high percentage of success, you will be able to enjoy the content.


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