How To Do The Best Chili

I will give you the wonderful chili recipe that I got from my friend. I haven’t cooked chili before but when I taste this one, got addicted to it, and wanted to share the secret  with you guys.

The ingredients :

Hot sauce ( Texas Pete, Tabasco is a must and any other you like)

Black pepper

3 tbs Mustard


3 Hot dogs ( Any type or brand you like)

1 cup shredded cheese ( I use smoked Gouda) – Optional

1 can Hormel Chili (Hot with beans)

1 can Van Camp’s “Pork and Beans”

can chilli

Chop the hot-dogs into small pieces.

In separate pan fry hot-dogs until they turn little brown.


In the mean time pour can of chilli and can of pork and beans into a deep pan. Picking the pan size, consider that you will add the sausages once they are cooked.

Mix all the hot sauce, mustard, black peeper and stir until it boils. You don’t have to stir constantly. As it boils on the sides, you can stir to keep it cooking evenly.

Once it is almost ready which you can see bubbles everywhere, add cooked hot-dogs into the mixture and stir couple more minutes before you turn the heat off.

sosi karistirirken

Adding cheese is optional , I like cheese in my chili but not everyone does. If you like cheese as well, I strongly recommend smoked Gouda cheese that adds smoked flavor to  chili and makes it much better taste.

Once chili is ready you can mix cheese and chili in a bowl and enjoy!



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