How To Write Resume for Beginners

I know it is hard to put together a resume if you have less or no experience. Do not worry, I will give you some hints so you will be able to create a very simple but effective resume.

I will also send my followers an email of a template, so you can fill with your information and apply to jobs immediately. Just leave me a comment if you want to receive one.

Before I start, I would like to tell you that it will take time to find the job that you like. Every interview will be an experience for you. With this resume, employers and recruiters will find you easily but it might take time for them to reach you. Do not panic and do not lose hope. Keep your enthusiasm high!

If there is an opportunity to get a face to face interview, go for it! Let me know how it goes. I will be happy to congratulate you !!

Let’s begin;

  • Provide Contact Information: In order to contact you, employers and recruiters will need your email and a phone number. Do not include your address if it is not required. Unless you live very close by.

Sometimes if employers can’t decide between candidates with similar experiences, which yours is not much at the beginning, they can choose the one that lives close by.

  • Write Objective: Include your objective right below your name and contact information. Since you don’t have much experience, at least summarize one or two strong parts of you that stand out.

Also, the Objective section will help your resume to look fuller. Try to keep on one page. Employers usually don’t read the second pages.

Here is an example and yes, you can copy paste it your resume, I don’t mind.

“ Ambitious and self-starter professional seeking entry-level data analyst role.”

“ Enthusiastic professional looking for entry-level database administrator opportunities”  

The parts in bold will help you to land better-suited jobs rather than

“New graduate looking for opportunities to grow”. Too fuzzy. You will get useless hits and it will waste the time of recruiters, employers and yours.

You want efficient phone calls each time your phone rings. Each call should have a potential to turn to an opportunity.

  • Use Popular Words: First of all, identify the most common words for your field. Recruiters or employers are using applications that search for specific words to find candidates for the specific positions.

How to do that? Find several job postings related to a job you want. Use the words out of there to build your resume.


  • Create a Profile: You can visit,,, and many more sites to create your profile, search jobs and find your keywords to put in your resume.


  • Be Consistent: Your resume should look pristine, letters the same size, sections aligned. I would suggest for the font: Times New Roman Or Calibri. For font size: 14 your name with Bold and 11 or 12 for the body. Again, regardless of font size, use the same font all over your document. Make sure all the bullets, dates, city names, state names are aligned.


  • No gaps between employment dates: Employers like to see that you are a hard worker and consistent person. Try to show consistent dates between employments. One job ends and soon after other job needs to start. If there is a gap between experiences, be ready to explain to them once you get into a face to face interview. They don’t want to hire a lazy person that works for three months and lays on the couch rest of the year. If you didn’t work in between jobs because you focused on your studies, that is understandable.


  • Stay away from the repetition of the skills: Do not repeat the same experience in all your job experience even you did the same thing. Either point out different duties that you had or use a different way to describe the same duty that you performed.

When you have several jobs and same duty here is an example:


We got it, for all the jobs one had a customer service experience. No need to repeat it. You can word it like this:

Not repeating
Still implies customer service but modified for each job. It doesn’t look repetitive and also mentions a couple of extra duties for each job to show each of the jobs you had different experiences.


Not much left to say. If you need any advice on this please make a comment, I will try to answer your questions and help you to complete your first resume.

I will be posting other articles about how to search for a job and how to be a successful interviewee.

Good Luck !!!


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