Bread Recipe

If it happened to me, some of you might have experienced the same thing; bread makers cannot make a good bread. Some might have tried available recipes and failed over and over again and put the bread maker aside.

Now it is time to bring those machines back on the kitchen counter, I have a recipe for you that works great.

Very simple, very easy. But I must warn you, you will want to finish all the bread when it is warm.


Bread flour 2¼ C  10.5 oz

Dry Milk 1 tbsp ( ⅕ oz)

Butter 1 tbsp

Salt 1 Tsp

Sugar 1 tbsp

Water ⅞ c

Dry yeast 1 tsp

How to do:

Mix everything in the bread maker. There is a separate container for the yeast.

Note that you have to add some sugar even if you don’t like because sugar activates the yeast.

Also make sure the flour is fresh. If you have an open pack flour and it has been stored for a while, that will affect the bread quality. You might want to get a new pack of flour. If you want puffier and lighter bread.

bread recipe_1

It will be ready in 4 hours. During this 4 hours, the machine gets into the standby mode for the dough to rise.

Once the bread is ready after 4 hours machine will stop. I would recommend to take the bread out and let it rest on the counter to keep its crunchiness.

Sometimes these machines fail such as bread doesn’t rise enough. You might want to make sure machine works properly, otherwise get a new, working one. The recipe is proven, if bread comes out wrong, the machine is not doing what it is supposed to do.


bread recipe 2

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