How to sell on eBay-Step by step

This article explains step by step with screenshots, how to list and item on eBay.

I would recommend to start with creating a template so you can use template for next item to list them faster. If you need to make little changes that’s fine, you can customize the template later on.

create template

I am assuming you have an account with eBay. Sign in and go to tab upper right corner “sell”.

sell tab

Then browse categories


If you are selling specific product you can write sku or the product name too. But it is enough to pick a category.

I will choose “art” and subcategory “art prints


Once you choose the categories, you will end up at listing details page

step4 listing details


If you want to stand out by having bold letters in search results there will be a fee. All you need to do is the check box as shown below :

title pay step5


It is not necessary at the beginning.

You can also create a sub category with another fee. I am keeping this simple since you are a beginner. You don’t need to purchase those extras unless you have a great product with a high margin.


Once again you can see or change your categories in this page as well.


This part is tricky. You have to decide how would you like to sell?

There are two types of selling styles;

1. Auction style which is a default style for eBay.

2. Fixed price that you can set a buy it now price and people can purchase the item right there without waiting.

If you like to continue with action style you don’t have to do anything, move to the next step. If you like to use fix price click highlighted FORMAT word.

step 7 format

It will take you to the format page that you will see drop down menu to choose your selling style.

In this case we choose fixed price

step9 choose from drop down

Auction style:

When you choose auction style page will change accordingly. Now you have more options to choose from such as you can start the auction as soon as you post. Or you can pick start time and date for the auction.

I would recommend to choose 7 or 10 days duration for your auction , of course depends on an item. But not 1 day or 3 days. You need to give some time to people to find your product.


You need to set starting price, buy it now price if you like but this option is not mandatory. You can do auction only but not entering any price to this box. Reserve price which i highly recommend. What it means that you can set up .99 for starting price for 10 days but set reserve price $9.00 for the item. If auction ends with a higher bid of $8.00 your item won’t be sold.

If you do not choose a reserved price and listed auction with .99 and highest bid is $3.00 at the end of the auction, your item will be sold to the highest bidding price.

This part is essential for an auction.


Another part that you need to consider is Best offer.

You can pick this option and let buyers send you their offers , you are free to accept or reject or make a counter offer. This has no risk, go for it.

I would pick private listing so other people won’t see who is bidding. Just for courtesy.No charge for this  option.


auction style setup

Make a donation is not mandatory. Either choose or skip. Since this is very basic instructions I will skip the details.

Choose all the desired payment options since you want to sell as broad as possible.

If you have pay pal, you can add that too by entering your email address same with pay pal user name.

You can choose immediate payment with buy it now. This is not mandatory, once buyer purchased the item with buy it now, will have limited time to pay anyway.

Sales tax:

  • Paying sales tax on eBay sales
  • Paying income tax on eBay sales
  • Informing overseas buyers about import charges

If you’re required to charge sales tax, you can set up a tax table and apply it to your listings. We’ll then add the tax to the buyer’s total at checkout.

For to do that you need to set up a tax table by following this steps:

Here’s how to set up your tax table:

  1. Go to Site Preferences in the Account section of My eBay.
  2. In the Payments from buyers section, select Show.
  3. Select Edit in the Use sales tax table section.
  4. Fill in the sales tax rate for any state where you want to charge sales tax. If you’re also required to tax shipping and handling in that state, select the Also charge sales tax on S&H check box.
  5. Select Save.


Condition, Photos, item specifics are pretty much clear about what to do. Remember to obtain law information and make sure you include California Prop 65 Warning.

Shipping Details

You can set the shipping rates for services to specific countries and regions by simply clicking Create

Or you can calculate shipping by entering size, weight information using eBay shipping calculator by clicking calculate shipping.

shipping calculator

Shipping details stp 10


Once you entered the shipping information you are pretty much done. You can save as draft, list item after you preview.


You are done! Good luck on your item sales!!!



More information on tax table listings:

California Prop 65 Warning

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