Colorado Visit

Phase 1

If you consider a vacation start point when you sit in the plane seat and buckle up, that’s fine. Mine started 8 minutes before that. Maybe I should start from the leaving the house.

Starbucks guy corrects my English by saying “ light milk” I said “No, very fatty milk but just a little bit”. Literature changing shape in a coffee shop, oh boy !. Considering they call their small size of coffee as ”Tall”, this conversation about milk amount did not surprise me at all. “Okay, fine, now give me my coffee!”.


The myth was true, Economy parking in Atlanta airport can be full. My jaw dropped. I didn’t plan for that. Well, we drove to the additional airport parking facility, came back to the airport with a shuttle with no hassle. But this shift from the original plan, and having surprisingly long security check lines at the domestic gates left us behind the schedule.


After the security checkpoint, we had just 15 minutes to the gate. Got in a train and began counting minutes. Based on my calculation we will have 5 minutes to our gate 1A and here we go; numbers started from 16 and 1 was all the way down the airport. I said,” Run”. Omg, I realized how much I was out of condition! I was at the door right 2 minutes before the boarding time ends.


And we were able to get on board, and I consider this trip started when we buckle up. What an action!


Lessons learned; Do exercise, go airport way early. And don’t think about the burger you were not able to get before you got into the plane when you are about to die running and have 5 minutes to go all the way another end of the building.


Phase 2

I am calling this as phase two because it took time for us to catch our breath and for him to learn how to hold your pee while running like crazy. I am sure as I look at the burger places as I pass through corridors, he is looking to the restrooms.


Colorado air was crisp, no humidity and sunny. I like it.


The first day was the sightseeing, family togetherness. Nice food with my favorite crab casserole which I will give the recipe to you one of these days.

Since I am the beach person more than a mountain, every day was a new experience for me. I miss shopping though. With mountain love in our hearts, we went to sightseeing very often. Being in the car and being in the mountains all we did most of the time.


Wolf Day:

I kissed a wolf and liked it. Bigger puppy, that’s all and his mouth was odorless. I want what he is using.


He wasn’t too excited about the treats to keep us entertained, because he ate an impala the day before. Still, we get to pet him and feel how strong his jaw and paws are.




This was a little bit pricey visit compare to other entertainments in Colorado. 2 people $300 including tour about the wolves and the petting hour.


For many people that could be the scary experience but I think it is once in a lifetime experience everyone should try.


Manitou Springs Day:

Nothing much of a shopping though. We went to Manitou Springs and i saw this wonderful Lavender store called Pelindaba. I immediately taste the chocolate sauce and grabbed two of them. I think it is the best lavender product I ever tasted. Highly recommended.

lavander Chocolate sauce


Deer Day:

Every day we saw deer everywhere. But there was one coming around the house several times a day and expecting to be hand fed.




I must say it is so much fun to feed deer. They have beautiful eyes and so cute overall. Their favorite food was Alpha Alphas that smells like my morning shake consist of greens.


Phase 3

Sitting at home and writing my blog. I love the trip to Colorado and would love to visit again soon. This time I will take more photos to share. Waiting to snow melt and enjoy the nice mountain weather again.


Colorado Wolf Center:

Pelindaba Bittersweet Chocolate Souce:


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