Why Do I Need A Career Coach ?

Some of us has very little patient. Myself as well. We are so ready to have things that we want, happen now. Amazon’s two day shipping option proves when we want something; we want it now! And yet amazon’s pickup service as another example.

Deciding to get a job, losing a job makes us think immediately, I need to find a job now. I should have found it yesterday!

I totally agree, this is not a tennis shoe we order from Amazon, this is a big deal ; We need to earn money and be able to pay the bills.

Experts say the average time to find a job is 1 month for every $10,000 paycheck we are looking to earn. That has been said if you are looking to earn $50,000 annually, your job search can take five months until you find a job.

Besides being a person who lost a job, you can be a new graduate or new in the country with limited experience and knowledge about how system works. Top on this have a limited budget most of the time. That is why when some one suggest the career coach, it seems very low on the expense list. But should it be?

Research shows average American makes approximately $3,700 monthly.

Each month you go without job will take away great amount money that can be spend or saved.

A career coach comes in handy at  this point.

No matter what; a professional coach will make job searching process more efficient than before This will speed up the finding a job process.

Most of the career coaches charges between $65 to $200 an hour. And most basic packages that they offer usually have 1 to 3 session.

When I do the math, it sounds logical to spend several hundred dollars but at the end be able to start make thousands way earlier than expected.

All said, now I will itemized some of the benefits of having a career coach:

Better Resume:

Resume that has all the keywords for your job skills means more visibility for job market.

Resume that has been created based on your skills and experience means right employers will reach out to you with better fitting job opportunities.

Efficient Job Search:

Career coach will train you how to search jobs efficiently. A job search is time consuming. Sometimes takes hours to find one good fit. Not only finding a good fit job opening takes time, but also an average job application takes 1 hour.For each company there will be separate employment form that needs to be filled beside uploading a resume.

You need to be identify if you are applying a position that is a good fit for your skills.

Career coach will point out what to look at the first step. How you can identify it is a good fit.

Also if you have any questions during this period, you can reach out to your coach for answers through email. Usually career coaching packages offer unlimited emailing between sessions.

Successful Interviews:

Interview is an art. Let’s get to the reality. You can have great experience, great skills still you need to convince the hiring person. Specially if you don’t have much experience and many skills, you need to develop some interview skills.  

Career coach will train you about type of questions interviewers ask. What could be the better approach to answer those. Do you have answers for all the skills that you listed. Are you ready to answer some behavioral questions besides classical experience and skill questions.. You need to know how to answer behavioral questions.

Protecting from fraud:

Not every recruiter calls you is legit. There are fraudulent people out there, not only waste your time, but also try to steal your information.

When you got suspicious, you can ask your career coach can help via email if it is a scam. It is nice to have someone to ask if this occurs. Better to identify if it is a great opportunity to jump in or a typical fraud case to not to share your information.

Top on these benefits, working with a Career Coach will teach you life long skills. Whatever you learn from your career coach will stick with you. Next time, if you find yourself in the market again, you will know how to search a job and how to update your resume for sure.




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