Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet Combined – Part 3

Intermittent Fasting

I wasn’t planning to do intermittent fasting like I did Ketogenic diet. One of my friends recommended highly, but still I wasn’t planning to. Not eating for more than 16 hours sounded so impossible.

As I watch the YouTube videos, and everyone speaks highly about fasting specially doctors and how healthy it is. Intermittent fasting videos remind me in the past I did intermittent fasting without knowing it. I lost over 30 lbs in two months.

Here how it happened;

I was skipping breakfast and heading the school with one coffee in hand. Noon I was eating my whole wheat Turkey sandwich with only mustard as a sauce and some lettuce in it. Small pack of chips on the side.

Rest of the day I was drinking ice tea infused water. To suppress my hunger, because the cafeteria was closed after 5 pm,I was eating Ice Breakers Mints, Sugar Free, Fruit and Cool, Strawberry. Time to time my snack was the Welch’s fat free jellies made with natural fruit juice from the vending machine.

Several times I grabbed  a burger with no cheese or ketchup from McDonald’s. Generally no alcohol and no big meals. In a week at least one night was skipping the whole dinner. Not even excessive amounts of coffee during the day. Lots of lots of green tea and Thai tea with milk but not sugar.

I was also moving little bit, doing salsa couple of days a week. But I still don’t count it as exercise. It was just a fun thing to do makes me get out of the couch at least.

Nothing happened first 45 days and it was like one day I woke up and I was 6 size smaller. I dropped from size 14 to 6 and soon after 4. And a month later when went to Turkey , walking lot more and swimming all day long, dropped to size 2.

Inter Keto Combined

Since I tried Ketogenic diet and know a lot about it, I do want to keep carbs and sugar out of my life. And also this is my final theory about losing weight that I experienced; “If your stomach doesn’t growl you cannot lose weight.

That is why I decided to combine Intermittent fasting with Ketogenic diet. I must say , it was easy because I already new details of the Ketogenic diet, already knew what to eat. It might be frustrating for those who never adjusted their diet to keto lifestyle. If you are one of them, I suggest pick one. Later on you can combine.

It is hard to decide to change your lifestyle. We often time postpone our stat dates, since there are many Mondays in life 😉

One day , after exposed many hours to Intermittent fasting Youtube videos, I decided to stop eating 7 Pm. It was a Sunday evening. Such a coincident starting fasting on Monday.

I don’t believe Monday dieting. That is easier if you start on weekend. You have enough time to go shopping and cook and eat at home without distraction. Unless you have evening plans.

Anyway, Monday I decided to eat when I am really hungry. With a little hunger attack which gone once I took a sip from my fresh coffee. I ate 4:30 pm that day. Total 19.5 hours of fasting. I amazed myself. I got encouraged and calmed myself saying you don’t have to eat like crazy. Try to keep yourself together and see if you can go hungry. The next day I ate 24 hours later.

Something combination of being calm, being motivated and drinking bunch of coffee and tea with a little almond milk in it. I was able to do it.

It has been 2 weeks , I am still sticking to the intermittent fasting as much as i can. I am not frustrating myself, if i am hungry I will eat. But somehow it never dropped less than 13 hours.

If you don’t know how to start fasting, I would say cut eating after dinner, what ever the time is. And see how you can do the next day. Skip breakfast and try to eat first meal when you really really hungry and dizzy and if you cannot take it anymore. You will get stronger after the first day experience.

Several times I said “I calmed myself”.I realized when it comes to the food we are panicking. “What if I go to office and get hungry and there won’t be anything to eat.”What if I faint if don’t eat anything. Should I get something to snack in case… ” That is why we are eating like crazy, fast and like someone will take it from our hands when we are about to take a bite. That is non sense! Calm yourself.

If you get really hungry, you will find something to eat. Do not worry about being hungry when you are not and get going.

To be continued…

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