Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet Combined- Part 4

I personally saw success stories below alternatives. I will show the reasons that I didn’t try those;

Atkins diet: I was so thin when this diet is popular. When I decided to do diet, Ketogenic diet became popular popular. So I missed the Atkins era.

Weight watchers: Several years ago, I had this in one of the companies that I worked for. Very motivational, group of people came from weight watchers once every week, all of us who are participating, got together and get pumped up. Stepped on a scale, proved that no one lost anything. With that embarrassment we kept our points low for next couple days and again ” Nah, let me eat that , let me eat this…”. Weight watchers has prepacked food in the markets to make life easy for you. Prepacked foods are bad for your health anyway. They might taste good but not like the ones you can cook at home.

“You cannot loose weight if you don’t start cooking at home.”

Mediterranean diet: These diets are suggesting less alcohol maybe 4 glass of wine or 2 bottles of beer per week. 2 bottles of beer. I did try in the past and they worked well. As they promised I lost a pound a day. But that is a diet, I am looking for a life style change. But still you can try for 2 weeks and see how it will result on you.

I would suggest Intermittent or Ketogenic diet or both, after your Mediterranean diet. At least loose some water weight and good amount of fat weight, than you won’t be rushing to loose weight with your new lifestyle. Because sometimes it takes time for ketogenic diet to show the results. You will be more tend to cheat at the beginning.

Isagenix Shakes: Have you seen how much sugar it has in shake!!! My friend lost 100 lb with those shakes. True. But I cannot take the same calories with her to loose weight. I would die if I lose 100 lb. I decided this shakes and other products is for people has much lbs to lose. Assuming when they reach my weight, it will stop working for them as well. Also back then when I tried famous Isagenix shakes, promised taste was there but I got hungry in 2 hours. That’s me.I think it differs person to person. I admit is very convenient, fun to prepare, fun to drink but it has 24 g of protein besides all the other ingredients that doesn’t work with me.

If you are doing exercise, 24 gr carbs might not hurt you but it doesn’t work with ketogenic diet.

It will be worth it if helps to loose weight but I need to mention that it is pricey version of the shakes that are in market.

Before I complete I want to list of things that makes me go out of my way unnecessarily.

My challenges:

  • Wine wine wine. Happy hour beer beer beer. Girls night out cocktails. Little Kahlua here little Bailey’s there. Not having any of those is my challenge to be honest.Even you want to let yourself out of fun plans.
  • Vegan friends. Well you should know Ketogenic diet is not vegan at all. It is almost the opposite.
  • Close circle cannot keep up with your menu items. Thai food lover friends, traditional rice included food preparing mother.
  • Pizza hut medium hot buffalo wings. Wings and hot sauce, why they are adding tons of sugar in it.
  • Office lunches. Salmon and salad sounds pretty healthy right? No. From salad dressing to the salmon everything have sugar in it and carbs carbs…

We are at the end of our inter keto 4 part series. Feel free to ask questions so i can find a reason to write more detailed blog than this.

Cheers with a water everyone!

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