Bahamas Vacation with Norwegian Cruise Lines

Booked my first Cruise vacation with Norwegian Cruise Lines!

I was keep hearing from the people how nice their cruise trip.I always wanted to go to a cruise one day. One of the biggest reasons that I like about cruise idea is the entertainment on the ships. 

How did I get prepared for the cruise?

I heard Norwegian and Royal Caribbean and Princess is good cruises. First I looked at the available deals on the cruise sites. I didn’t have any destination in my mind. I can start from anywhere in the world as long as cruise;

  • Embarks from United states
  • From the port that I can find affordable tickets to. 
  • Duration should be three to five days
  • Will allow me to pay gratuities up front

Since I don’t know much about cruising, I decided to go with an agent. Agent can help me find answers for my questions instantly.  

My agent quoted me, hold my deal for 24 hours till I arrange my hotel and flight. 

One of the offers in the cruise ship was the beverage package which I immediately purchased. Because alcohol is one of the biggest costs in vacation time. Food is another expense but I already knew there is twenty for hours open buffet on cruise. 

Also , I booked my hotel two days ago in Miami so can enjoy some Florida time in Miami at South Beach. This is a recommendation from cruisers as well. No risk of missing the cruise travelling the same day.

On the way back prices went up significantly, probably it is the very next day of 4th of July and many people combining their holiday with the weekend. 

Some airlines have great deals on Tuesdays, therefore I decided to purchase my ticket on that very specific day but didn’t consider the time frame. Yes, the day should be the Tuesday but it suppose to be at least two weeks before the travel date. Since I am searching just  ten days before, prices were high. Even during the day price kept increasing as I refresh my screen. Finally I found tickets for two, five hundred dollars cheaper than normally I would pay, by changing arrival airport from Miami International to Fort Lauderdale.

Booked returning flight in the Friday evening, hours later our disembarkation time. This way will have plenty of time to leave the ship and go to the airport. 

By purchasing my flight tickets with American Express Blue Cash Card, I covered the personal belongings while travelling. Also purchased the Essential Travel insurance that cruise line offers. It was less than thirty dollars per person and covers medical expenses during the cruise and possible trip cancellation. Basically covered the health and the belongings all trip long.  

What did I pack for the cruise trip?

  • Two sets of bikinis
  • Two beach pants (one black, one white)
  • Beach cover
  • Medicine 
  • A sweater with hoodie 
  • Two shorts
  • One black dress
  • One stretchy fancy dress 
  • Couple shirts
  • One a day underwear 
  • Toiletries 
  • Lady wipes
  • Hats
  • Couple of sunglasses
  • Socks
  • Backpack
  • Fanny pack
  • Hanging makeup bag
  • Water shoes
  • Flip flops 
  • High heel shoe 

Not without my books

Most important part of the vacation to me, besides being on the beach, is books and magazines. Reading my favorite writers book and latest magazines are part of my relaxation. Therefore, I decided to grab an eBook that has novels and magazines in it. Even though I love paperback version of my reading material, i choose to read from my phone.

There was a check in issue Online that I had to talk to cruise line IT staff to resolve it. I rather my agent knew what to do, I am sure she received lots of complaints about the same issue. I was travelling with citizenship certificate since my Passport expired and I don’t have enough time to receive one. System check in was only giving Passport option as a travel document. I do not consider that a problem. It is important to do things in advance, not to wait last minute. 

Once I check in , started to research restaurant and  the other fun places in South Beach Miami to go to. I like to plan in advance, but don’t like to stick to it. Planning is a frame of vacation, at least points out where to start. Usually I do things not that I planned, but things not made it into my list at the first sight. 

Here are the things that I want to do in Miami:

  • Try one Turkish restaurant
  • Grab ice drink from Wet Willies 
  • Walk around Lincoln mall
  • Shop from Lilly Pulitzer 
  • Eat fries at the beach along cold beer
  • Have dinner at Latin restaurant has live music

Looking forward to my trip and excited to come back with great memories and more travel plans for the future.

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