Bahamas Vacation with Norwegian Cruise Lines- Miami Vacation

We decided to stay two days in Miami prior to our Cruise to Bahamas. Since we are there we can have Miami experience as well. Also it is highly recommended to arrive at least a day before to not miss the cruise. Even though it is summer, flight can be delayed with some reason. Which happened on our way back to Atlanta. There was a  thunderstorm near Atlanta airport, our flight was delayed almost five hours in Miami. 

By changing our arrival airport from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, we were able to save $500. I wish we had the same logic in Fort Lauderdale transportation. Somehow we skipped Uber and decided to use public transportation.Thinking it will cost us between four dollars to ten dollars maximum.  Instead of taking Uber from Fort Lauderdale airport to Miami, we went to Brightline with Uber. Brightline was expensive like $32 per person and waiting time was over an hour when we arrived. Luckily there was a half off coupon so we were able to save right off the get go.  Still paid much more than we calculated.

From the airport to our hotel Uber or the Lyft would have been the better choice actually the best choice.

I have to mention Dyson Airblade Tap in the bathroom of the Brightline station.

It was so strong. While drying my hands also blow dry my hair. The air takes a spin from your hands and blows to your hair.

Right after I reserved the cruise trip, i did some quick research and reserved a hotel called Breakwater South Beach Hotel.

Hotel is great and we really liked the location, how close to the beach and the hospitality the manager and the staff. Among all the hotels I picked the one had a Turkish manager. What are the odds! You can read my review about the hotel Breakwater if you like to know more. I would recommend to stay there.

The Ocean drive was the core of the south beach I believe. All the restaurants lined up and their very persuasive servers all over the streets trying to pull you in. Many of them offered buy one get one free drink special. Even you are counting what you drink, and trying to make sure total numbers evens up,at the end of the day, bill shows an odd number of drinks.(Happened in News Cafe)

Loud and happy music everywhere, people everywhere and bum bums. Bum bums everywhere. As if regular bikini bottoms are banned in Miami, majority of the ladies were wearing either Brazilian bottoms or thongs. Regardless of how good shape it is in, everyone was showing and proudly owning their bum bums. 

Miami is a lot of fun and full of life. I think should be added into the Bahamas cruise vacation to do list.

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