Keto- Red Lentil Bread

Difficulty –  Level 1

Portions – Small Pan -16 pieces

Very easy to do. Ready in 20 Mins 


1 Cup Red Lentil

3 tbs Cottage cheese

4 tbs Olive Oil

1 tbs Baking soda

½ cup Dill

½ Cup  Yogurt

1 cup Sesame Seeds


If it doesn’t fit your blender, break this recipe into two. I used use my magic bullet. 

People claim this bread keeps them full for a long time. There are people who have lost weight because of that. 

I baked sesame seeds 5 mins before poring over the cake. It looks better and smells nice when you bake. This is totally optional. 


In a blender mix eggs, yogurt, oil, baking soda and mix it until very smooth watery mixture. 

Use a cup to add cottage cheese and dill and stir. And pour into an 8.5” ( 22cm) well oiled pan. 

Preheat the oven 365 degrees and cook for 20 minutes. After 15 minutes, please check. Some ovens are strong than others. Make sure the top of it looks well baked, darker brown.

Let it cool down, do not try to cut immediately. 


You can use this as a bread with your meal as well as cake itself with a cup of tea. 

And the result;


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