Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic Diet Combined- Part 1

Do Inter Keto like a Superhero! This is my chant now.

You must know that I am not a doctor or a dietitian. I am just sharing my own plan, experience, and my own findings with you.

What is inter keto? Well, Google search approved combination of Intermittent fasting and Ketogenic diet.

Intermittent fasting is a managing eating time during the day. Suggested 8 hours eating window with no limit to type of food, followed by 16 hours fasting with no food with a sugar free black coffee, tea and water allowance.

Ketogenic diet is removing carbs from your meals. Removing bread, any kind of pastries and desserts from your life to allow your body to use stored fat for energy source instead of easy energy carbohydrates and sugar.

Inter keto is basically ultimate torture which is combination of these two diets.

Purpose if to make efforts more worthwhile. better results in same time frame.Efficient weight loss and quicker health gain.

Ask your doctor!!

We all hear and read that,” Before using this medicine ask your doctor”. Most of the time we ignore it because it is a legal disclosure only. It is not.I do believe we need to ask our doctor before start any kind of diet.

Before I start to combine two diets, I wanted to see how am I doing before and how I did after. Since my purpose to get healthy, I need to know If I improved it.   Also kept my doctor handy as I go.

Also I did comprehensive blood test right before I start intermittent fasting. From total blood count to hidden diabetes. All my results were very good, in expected range.

That made me confident to start intermittent fasting. Now I know, if I experience any discomfort I can see what changed in my test results and stop if it is getting dangerous.

My Reason for Weight Gain

Before the solution knowing reason of weight gain is very important. Here are my reasons over the several years that I gained weight:

  1. Watching movies
  2. Snacking often
  3. Walking less
  4. Alcohol intake
  5. Eating out

Since I know my reasons, I start finding a solution for it. Do the opposite is not a solution. Unfortunately it is easy to gain weight but to lose. I can go back to my old routine to keep my weight steady as I was doing before. In order to lose 40 lb I need to do more than that. Again, exercise is not an option for me. I don’t like it.

My brain is picking the most biased eating style which huge grilled steak and a baked potato with it and a couple glasses of wine. What kind of diet is that? I hear somewhere some diet allows that,anyway, let me eat this Today, Tomorrow is a new day.

I will tell all the details about my diet but first I must say that only thing didn’t fail for me so far is stop consuming sugar. Best decision I ever made! Lost permanently 20 lb right after I quit sugar. Looking for ingredients and choosing no or less sugar.

We are getting sugar in every food anyway, but not getting deliberately anymore.

Here some ideas to be able to slowly replace sugar with nothing:

  1. Throw stick cinnamon in your coffee. Once stick gets wet, it leaves little bit sweet taste to the coffee , plus its flavor, plus blood sugar balancing. Just read more whatever I mention has more benefits that i am using it for.
  2. Use vanilla flavored coconut or almond milk. It has no sugar, ketogenic, paleo, vegan and low calories. But it helps to soften your non sugar drink. Some recipes recommending with tea as well.
  3. Use herbal teas with licorice so it can give you a little sweet taste.

Since we have base covered we get get to the details about Ketogenic diet and my later diet addition; Intermittent fasting.

If you decided to remove sugar out of life, good. Now stop modifying the diets for your taste and go to my next blog; Part 2 – Ketogenic diet.

To be continued…

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