Chanel CC Cream

I will recommend Chanel CC Cream right at the beginning because I love it and plan to keep using it.

I ordered from the Chanel website. It comes wonderfully packed with a Chanel box. When you receive the package, you immediately feel special.

chanel gift box

CC cream looks surprisingly small but surprisingly enough product in it. When I first received the cream, I was disappointed in just how small the tube was. For $55, is that what I’m getting, I thought? But I also knew it was 30 ml.

I personally like natural makeup, the less, the better. This CC cream is medium to high coverage. I don’t have an acne problem, so I’m using it for hydration, to even out my skin tone and it provides 50 SPF sun protection.

Believe it or not, when I use this product, nobody can guess that I have something on my skin, it is that natural.

One other thing I like about it; Stays all day long. I went to the pool, lake and still, it was on my face. Since it has 50 SPF, It became my best buddy in the summertime.

I ordered it in April of this year and have been using it daily since then. And I still have the product. It has been almost 4 months.

It has a little bit of a thick texture but it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. And my color matched me perfectly which I have been told 42 Beige is a good color for me if I want Chanel foundation. Therefore, I ordered 40 Beige. You can also chat with Chanel. They can help you pick the right color for you since they have only 3 colors, I think it will be pretty easy to find your shade.

Share with me in the comments if you like other products like this. I like to discover new products as well.


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