Pasha Son

In Turkey, some mothers call their son “My Pasha Son”. Pasha is a high rank in the Ottoman military.

We all have disagreements, quarrels, separations because of this “pasha son”. That makes pasha son, most of the time,  wonder why she left without a reason. She didn’t leave you, actually, she ran away!

I do understand every mother loves their sons. But this “pasha son” concept is killing me. He is just a diaper pooper, dummy little human being, not Pasha at all.

“Dear son” would be nice for instance, dear mother in law candidates. I think “dear” still shows your love to him, besides it doesn’t develop unrealistic hopes and believes.

I can almost hear you saying” How about my princess daughter concept?” I will get back to that later. Now my focus is on pashas.

Most of the time, pasha son doesn’t turn so successful in life and somehow cannot become real pasha. I guess he doesn’t know how to become one since he got the title with no effort whatsoever.

Because of that title; his laundry is being done, underwear is being ironed and folded, his dinner table is made ready when he is hungry. He eats, drinks, leaves the table and the table is getting cleaned up behind him magically.

And his tea comes to him afterward when he was resting on the couch watching his own shows. “My son, my pasha son, my pasha doesn’t know the real world, that lives in his imagination son”.

When all this happens, he still can not even contribute by bringing a pinch of salt to the table. What a nice reign!

He takes a girl on a date and acts like John Wayne, Very cool. Acting like “ He knows what he is doing”. But the movie tickets paid by his father, oh no man, nooo!

Pasha grows up and comes to the age as the head of the household, getting married to the girl that has no idea what is waiting for her. If that girl is a princess daughter, it is a disaster. With no doubt. Go grab snacks and popcorn, enjoy the show. Again, I am not going to talk about the princesses for now.

If the girl is a working woman, not a housewife nor a princess, that is some other type of disaster. Hey girl, that’s fine, everyone can make mistakes.

Both coming from work in the evening, She is cooking, cleaning, feeding the kids, putting them in bed, cleaning the table and finally throwing herself on the couch. Pasha is making his worst mistake by asking” I would love to have a cup of tea now” Oh no my dear pasha! What have you done?!

Two minutes later he finds himself on the street heading to his mother’s house not knowing what got into her wife.

Mother opens the door, welcomes him in and shouts ”That mean woman, what did she do to my Pasha son?!!” She comforts him and brings him a cup of hot tea.

I do understand why your children are so precious. If you are not going to keep them to yourselves, please do not turn them into dysfunctional human beings that think they can get everything without moving a finger. They should ask themselves ”When I expect women to sacrifice for me, what am I offering to her in return?”

You all think for a second, look at your husbands. Would you like to see his mother’s pasha son or your dear husband?


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