Ketogenic Diet Shake

I am tired of eating eggs every morning for breakfast. It holds me great but also doesn’t taste awesome. After several weeks of being bread free, limits the breakfast options. Because you can combine bread with anything to make breakfast varied. Jam and bread, butter, cheese, sandwiches, breakfast rolls..Oh! I miss oatmeal with almonds, apples, and cinnamon. All these things that I love is long gone with my new lifestyle. Now looking at my plate and seeing two boiled eggs looking at me. Deep sigh, and telling myself ” Just eat to survive”.

Looking for an alternative options and unused magic bullet on my kitchen counter, I decided to go back to my shakes which are refreshing and delicious and so much fun! Finally come up with a shake not an hundred percent ketogenic but  pretty low on sugar and carbs. For those who are already tired eating same thing for breakfast everyday, i would recommend to try this shake.

I do this twice a week before go to work.

There are many shakes out there with low sugar. I picked one of them spontaneously from Walmart which wasn’t too cheap but worth to try. It called Super reds.


It has 2 gr of sugar and total 7 gr of carbs.Not bad at all. Good news is it worked, holds me till noon like breakfast with egg does. You can keep the mango but I removed it. Fruits are messing my diet and makes me hungry right away, like thirty minutes later.

You should know that biggest sugar intake will come from the yogurt that you use. My yogurt has 6 grams of sugar which I couldn’t find lower one among Greek yogurts.


Here is the ingredients to my shake

  • One cup yogurt ( plain or low sugar vanilla) Remember yogurt has lots of sugar too. I choose greek yogurt has as less sugar as possible.
  • One serving super reds.
  • ½ cup milk ( I use almond milk but any milk is fine) again see the sugar level.
  • 2 teaspoon cocoa to make it little bit chocolaty
  • Couple whole walnuts or ½ cup almonds.( add as much as you like)

You can add chia seeds or flax seeds as you like, don’t go overboard like one teaspoon should be enough.

And fill the rest with an ice so it can become a nice frozen shake.

For that, I use Magic bullet and am very happy with it. Ideal size, comes with to go cups that you can shake, grab and go. 
I need to find other shake options before this one gets boring as well. Feel free to share your shake suggestions, love to see more ketogenic options. It seems our options were limited but as we come up with different ideas, I think ketogenic lifestyle will be easier and much more fun.

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